cleaning the car dashboard

Your car is the most essential investment you can make other than your home.  Whether you bought it new or used, you want to take good care of it so that it can keep serving you. If you don’t take good care of your care it becomes unreliable. This means that getting late to work, missing important appointments, and even getting fired for missing work.  A car that breaks down often can ruin your life. Many people know this and that’s why they save tones of money in order to buy a good car that will remain reliable for the longest. What many forget is that the secrete to maintaining a reliable car is the care you give it.

If you want your car to remain reliable the longest then here are a number of tips you need to follow to keep that car in great shape at all times:

Be mindful of how Drive

One of the leading car killers is bad driving. Many people often accelerate in an area with relatively high traffic and end up hard breaking often all because they are late for an important meeting. The truth is when you accelerate then suddenly you have to slow down because you are approaching a road junction you are damaging not just the tyres but also the engine because it is forced to produce more power which is then suddenly stopped. These increases tear and wear will cause your car top breakdown sooner.

To keep your car in good shape for longer make sure you accelerate slowly and give your car time to decelerate. Don’t engage in road rage and don’t try to misuse the acceleration and deceleration functions of your car. This is because deceleration and acceleration produce forces that if produced in short busts without continuation then the forces will damage your car.  This can be major damages that may affect many parts of the car from the engine, the transmission to the tyres, and will not just cost you money in terms of repairs but will likely mess your life in a major way.

Wash your Car Regularly

You don’t have to wait until your car is dirty for you to wash it. If you drive on the highway and pack your car in a nice clean place, chances are your car will still be looking clean a week or two since the last time you washed it. But is that really the case? Well, spilled liquid inside such as soda can cause corrosion and damage your car even when it looks clean. Dirt underneath the car can also damage it even if it is not being seen by people on the outside. The only way to ensure that your car is not damaged by dirt is to give it a thorough cleaning once a week even if it does not look dirty. Once cleaned vacuum the inside and varnish the outside to ensure that it is dry and shiny. This way your car will not only look shiny but will be free from all corroding dirt and particles. 

Park your Car in the Shade

Many people in the world have transformed their home garages into storage rooms, rental apartments, and even small home factory spaces. This means that these individuals park their car outside in the sun. When you park you work in the sun, the hot UV rays from the sun destroys the protective coat of your car and you have to repaint it often. In addition, the hot sun penetrates the inside and causes damage to the interior of your car. This means more money to be spent on repairs. If you live in a place with hot temperature then the sun rays can even heat up the fuel and the engine oil and this may further damage your car when you drive. To be safe make sure that you always park your car in a shade. This may not be practical at all times but at least do so when you park at home or when you are leaving it for several days or months.

Service your Car Regularly

Many people tend to only change the engine oils and filters once they attain the milestones set by the manufacture.  Car serving goes beyond changing engine oils and filters. It is recommended that you check the important moving parts of your car regularly alongside changing oils and filters as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have a skilled mechanic do the servicing for you to make sure that you have them check the car for other signs of tear and wear so that you can have them fixed in time before the car breaks down on you. They say a “stitch in time saves nine”. Don’t wait until the car is damaged for you to start diagnosing the problem. Instead use regular servicing as an opportunity to examine the car and make all the necessary repairs in time.

Change Tyres and Align Wheels Regularly

Car tyres affect the drivability of your car and often are responsible for many car accidents. Therefore it is important to be aware of the kind of car tyres you have on your car and take good care of them at all times.

To start with not all car tyres are the same. Some car tyres are designed for use in cold weather while most of the available ones work best in warm weather. Make sure you have the right car tyres depending on where you live and the season of the year.

Next make sure that your car wheels are aligned as required. Poor tyre alignment will cause your tyres to wear unevenly and earlier than you expect. Furthermore poor wheel alignment can cause an accident that will damage your car. It is important to avoid this by having them aligned by an expert.

It is also important to buy newer tyres. It has been found that older tyres tend to get damaged easily and this can cause an accident. When buying car tyres make sure that you inspect them and don’t buy anything older than six years even if the tyres have never been used and are being sold at a great discount. It is better to stay safe than to take a risk on your life too.

Lastly check tyre pressure every day to make sure that you don’t drive on flat tyres or with deflected tyres as this will damage the tyres and bring you a heavy financial penalty.

Take Care of your Car Engine

Your car is its engine. Make sure that you clean your car engine at least ones every year. This is important because a clean engine means your car will run better and will last longer. In addition, make sure that everything connected to the engine runs well. Check the battery, the alternator, the starter motor, the belts, and all auxiliary items in your bonnet regularly. This is important to ensure that nothing causes problems for your engine.

Also remember to change the spark plugs regularly, clean the injectors, and inspect both the fuel and the airlines to make sure that no dirt gets to the engine. This is important to keep your engine operating at optimum levels at all times. If you are not a mechanic make sure that you get the help of a highly trained mechanic.


Lastly pay attention to your dashboard. Modern cars have a warning sign on the dashboard that will go off to let you know if something needs your attention. If you want your car to last longer don’t ignore these warnings. Instead, take them as a cue to carry out further inspection in order to make sure that your car is in great shape at all times.